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Here is a short 2:09 video that I created about the Vancouver Post Office. It is like walking into the past in the nicest way.

Waymarking is a good site that has a little information about it and the county has a bit more.

It is located here: Vancouver Main Post Office – 1211 Daniels St. – Vancouver, WA 98660

Off to the Coast

On Thursday, Jon and I are heading off to the Oregon coast for a long weekend. We will be celebrating my sister Barb’s birthday and have rented a house for three days for all six of the family that will be there. So fun. I am counting the minutes until we leave. Tick tock, tick tock.

Meanwhile I am trying to do a short one minute video for each historic site that I visit and write about. The learning curve in the beginning is naturally longer than I plan time for. I would estimate this time it is taking me about nine hours to do a one minute video, maybe more. But I just need to do what I can with each one as I go. In time I will improve. That’s my hope.

And I am working on the card site. Luckily I am using some of the same techniques for creating the historical videos as I am for making animated cards. So that is working out well. Here is a Halloween animation that I created. I think it is very cute. Probably a year from now I will look at it and cringe but for now I am pleased for getting this far along with it.

Finally, the newspaper article I told you about last week will be coming out this Sunday. So definitely will share the “possibly horrific but hopefully not” details on how that turns out next week. And if it is online I will include a link.Save








Author: Patricia Proctor

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  1. Hi,

    I love the cards, they are darling.

    Have a great time with Barb and Jon and family on the coast of Oregon, will be such fun. Wish Barb a Happy Birthday from me.

    Eager to hear about the interview and hope to be able to view it on line.

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  1. Sharing the article from the Columbian - Exploring Vancouver USA - […] Video of Vancouver Post Office [2:09] […]

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