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No Historic Site this week as I spent all my time making the video for last week. That’s the way it goes.

Video of Vancouver Post Office [2:09]

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Here it is – Online Version: Former Spy, nun to put Vancouver’s history in a word search book

Print Version: Has more pictures and more fun – which is why I made it into a pdf.  columbian news artilce 10-8-17

Ha! Bet you didn’t know I was a former spy did you? Well obviously can’t tell everything on a blog. And it WAS a bit of a stretch to say I was a spy – more like a communication sneak person. Intercepting communication bursts and decoding them from safe little spots in Iceland and Germany. I thought it would be totally exciting work and it was totally not. So much for being a spy. I do not recommend it.

I don’t know why I keep getting mentally roped into things I am sure will be exciting and then turn out to be as humdrum as life experiences anywhere. Such a disappointment sometimes. Right now I am having as exciting a life as I ever hoped to have and there is nothing glamorous, spectacular or amazing about it. Every day life with a wonderful partner, a couple of dogs and a cat. Let’s hear it for being ORDINARY.

And I just spent a great time at the Oregon coast with my sister Barb and family. Very fun. Jon and I flew my kite and now I have him convinced (YES!) that he needs a kite as well. So in the near future we are going to take a day trip back to Newport, Oregon and get him a kite. Then we can fly high together.

Now I am back in my office trying to stay focused and get some work done. Lots of luck with that.







Author: Patricia Proctor

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  1. Hi Patty, What a cool article about you in the newspaper and you’re right!…I did not know you were formerly a ‘spy!’ Not good that it wasn’t at all exciting, however, you have had many interesting experiences in your life so far. You know what? An ‘ordinary’ life can be very amazing. I think you already know this but it’s what you make of it. I’m married; work full-time; take care of my 90 year old Mom; love to read, camp, walk, and ski and that might sound ordinary but to me, it’s quite wonderful. I have a strong faith and I know you do too. May you & Jon be blessed and lots of pets to your furry family (Treats too please!) Have a wonderful weekend!

    Karen in Commerce Township, MI : )

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    • Now this is very funny. I know for a fact that I wrote a reply to your comment some time ago but now it is not there. Maybe I didn’t save it or some silly thing. Done that before.

      I do think your “busy” life is just as interesting as mine or more so. Wouldn’t it be fun if we all had biographers who wrote our story and let us read them afterwards? I bet we would be surprised how much more interesting our lives are than we think.

      Maybe we will get to know all the millions of life stories in heaven. That would be fun.

      The boys (Pudge, Andre and Buddy) were very happy to hear you thought they should have treats. Lots of treats. All the time. Right now, even.

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  2. Hi,

    A fabulous article, I love it. So fabulous. An interesting life you have lived.

    You are an amazing woman and have accomplished so much.

    Hope your weekend with Barb and everyone was wonderful. Kite flying is fun, glad Jon wants to get a kite also.

    Continued happiness to you my friend.

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    • I thought it did come out pretty good. The only part that was a bit weird was “chanting” the rosary. Don’t think I’ve thought of praying it quite that way. :-O Oh well, minor point. I’m looking forward to Jon getting his kite! Yessiree. Maybe next weekend. We were going to get one in Portland but lo and behold the biggest, best place to buy a kite on the Pacific coast is right where I got mine. At Newport,Oregon. So shucks, we have to take a day trip back to the beach. Oh my.

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  3. love to hear all your news and the very different stages your life has taken so far.
    Love and Peace

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    • Thanks Anne – isn’t it funny how our life does seem to break up into stages? And each one so different from the other – that it almost makes us into totally different people. Some the same – but new experiences, places and people mold our clay into sometimes almost unrecognizable personalities from previous ones. I used to think God has a plan for our life but now I agree with what a Croatian priest told me once – God gives us the freedom to plan our life – and that is a bit more scary sometimes but better I think.

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  4. Pat, You look and sound so happy.I love your hair. You look so young. Keep posting, I look forward to them.

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    • Ha! You should look at my hair now. It’s in that needs a haircut – frizzy stage. I keep telling myself its time to get a haircut but then I decide to save money and go another week or two. Oh well – now its long enough to put in a pony tail! Jon says I look cute in a pony tail – so that takes care of that for a bit.

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  5. Hello …
    Such a great article. Loved reading about your interesting life. Nothing I haven’t heard before though. You have been open and honesty with all that news since I started following you.

    You truly are an amazing person. Many blessings to you in this new chapter of your life

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    • Hi Charlotte, Thanks for your nice comments. 🙂 Lots of ups, downs, ins and out but that is life for us all. I am just looking at your email name. Do you live on the beach? I always have wanted to live on a beach near the ocean but that is probably one of those things that is only going to happen on weekends. Nowadays with the threat of Tsunami and earthquakes on the Pacific coast the desire is a bit more of a risk.

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      • Hi Pat,
        I don’t live on the beach but nice and close, for the past 24 years. A 10 minute ride except during the summer season. And then I don’t usually go until after 6 pm (if at all) when everyone is leaving. Funny I used to be a “Benny” a term us central and south Jerseyites call the summer crowd. I lived in the suburbs of a big city in NJ growing up and would love when my parents took us to the beach. Sometimes we were lucky enough to get a weeks vacation too. So the beach has always been a peaceful place for me, filled with wonderful memories. The hurricanes are what frightens me, but as of right now I’m far enough away but close enough to enjoy. Super storm Sandy wasn’t good to our beaches, but fortunately for me the worst I had was no electricity for 2 1/2 weeks. So I consider myself lucky.
        ** One common theory says the term benny originates from an acronym that was stamped on the beachgoers’ train tickets, representing the city in which they boarded the train to the Jersey Shore: Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York.

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        • PS … The Jersey Shore is NOTHING like what was portrayed in the dreadful TV show with that name. Gives the Jersey Shore a bad rap 🙁

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