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John P Kiggins was a successful Vancouver businessman in the early part of the century. He built this home in 1907 and it was in the family until 1994. In 1995 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic sites in Clark County, Washington

I just found out the other day that there are 44 historic places in Clark County, Washington. Being relatively new to Vancouver most of them I have never heard of. So I decided I will make visiting them part of my Exploring Vancouver adventure! Jon and I made a quick visit to this site today. It is now a private home so I merely took a few pictures. (I was unable to find out if there are any times when it is open to the public).

I hope to make a word search puzzle of each historic place and put them together for book two! This one was a bit challenging as there was very little information about the house. Maybe in time I will find out a bit more.

cat finds warm place on fresh clothes out of the dryerThe weather has certainly changed in the last few days. Cold and wet. Buddy has been spending most of his time outside but today he made himself a warm, cozy nest on freshly, folded clothes out of the dryer.

Guess we won’t be leaving clothes there again.

I have been having a nightmare of a time with my computer and websites. Not sure if it was hacked, smacked or just operator error. At any rate if things look jumbled up – it’s because it is. A scrambled, tangled, jumbled up mess.






Author: Patricia Proctor

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  1. The house is beautiful. A great idea about posting pics and puzzles with the historic houses.

    I hope your computer issues clear up and nothing major or expensive.

    Still warm here and sunny.

    Have a great Thursday and upcoming weekend.

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  2. Dear Pat,

    I have been following you for a long time and always with delight.

    I love your puzzles and I do all them while I am waiting for the metro here in Miami. I also like the hangman and, so far, none have died through my hands.

    I had never heard about Vancouver, USA, but, thanks to you, I am discovering this part of my adoptive country and I am enjoying it. I love small towns.

    Like you, I love animals. My husband and I share our large home with eleven cats. Some inside and some in a huge porch and small houses in our backyard.

    Here in Miami we are surviving as best as we can after the terrible hurricane, keeping calm and trusting in God.

    Enjoy your life and make us enjoy ours through your wonderful Corner.

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